Life lessons

Dr. Thomas Marshall

August 30, 2013

2 Timothy 2: 15 (KJV) – “Study to show thyself approved unto God….”

In just a couple of days, the new school year begins. I remember a student that walked up to the instructor’s desk with a paper that had a big “F” on it. The student confronted the teacher and said, “I do not deserve this grade.” The teacher replied, “I agree, but it is the lowest one the system allows me to give.” When we stop to think about it, life is a lot like going to school. We can see some similarities if we stop to think about it. First, we go to school to learn, and life is a continual education. Every day we are confronted with new information or the need to learn a new process. Then, we have many teachers in school. And, if we are willing, we have many teachers in life. If we are willing, we can learn from every person we come in contact with. Finally, as any student, we hope to graduate. In life, when we die we graduate into the real afterlife. Where we spend this afterlife is determined by the choice we make while alive. To spend eternity with God in heaven, we must choose Jesus Christ before we die. Doing this will give you a New Hope for Today.

Marshall is pastor of New Hope Baptist Church