SHS grad rate bests state

August 14, 2013

The 2013 graduating class of Scotland High School maintained a four-year graduation rate in excess of 95 percent, but the district wide rate remained below the state average this year.

The state 2012-2013 Cohort Graduation Rate Report, released last week, showed an increase in the statewide four-year graduation rate of 82.5 percent, up from the 2012 rate of 80.4 percent.

The percentage of Scotland County students entering the ninth grade in 2009 and graduating in 2013 or earlier was 72.8 percent, with 74.4 percent of black students and 72.6 percent of white students spending no more than four years in high school. The figure for biracial and multiracial students was 53.8 percent.

The five-year graduation rate among students beginning ninth grade in 2008 is 78.1 percent. Statewide, that percentage is 83.1.

“We’re excited that the five-year cohort rate is getting up closer to the state rate,” said Superintendent Rick Stout. “We’re not there, and I’m hoping that some of the things that we put into place four years ago will make an impact for us that we’ll be able to see next year. As we look at the rate and what we’re doing, I think we’ll have some growth.”

Last year’s countywide four-year graduation rate was 76.2 percent.

North Carolina has been tracking graduation cohort rates since the 2005-06 school year as part of the No Child Left Behind accountability standards. That year, Scotland County Schools had a 55.2 percent graduation rate compared to a 68.3 percent state rate.

Scotland High School’s graduation rate was over 95 percent both this year and last. The state does not report exact rates above 95 or below five percent.

The rate of Scotland Early College High students graduating with an associate’s degree in five years or leaving with a high school diploma in four fell slightly to 92.5 percent from over 95 percent in 2012.

Shaw Academy’s graduation rate fell by nearly 20 percentage points from 2012, with only 43.5 percent of students who entered ninth grade in 2009 graduating in four years or less.

A sharp contrast exists between the graduation rates of male and female Shaw students, with 66.7 percent of women graduating in four years and only 28.6 percent of male students doing the same. Last year 61.1 percent of Shaw students graduated on time.